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Hi. My primary parked domain is working great.
I own another domain that I am trying to map.

It renders the root directory for my primary parked domain because the Add Domain tool is not giving me the option for a “Add On” type.

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  1. The DNS entry on the domain registrar is correctly pointing to the InfinityFree server.
  2. I can use the Domain tool in the InfinityFree control panel to ADD the new domain.
    However, the InfinityFree Domain tool does NOT give me an option for an “Add On” domain.
    (It only gives options for Subdomain or Parked).

As such, it does not make a new directory to associate with the freshly added domain.
How can I get these two other domains set as “Add On” domains with folders of their own within htdocs ? Thanks for your help!

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You already have the computer-class domain added to an InfinityFree account.

If you want two seperate htdocs folders (One for each domain), use “Addon Domains”, if you want them to share the same htdocs folder, use “Parked Domains”.

How did you connect the new domain to you account?

Please see this article:


Thanks, I previously read the support article on Ad-On Domains vs Parked Domains. It states that “Parked Domains mean that both domains both serve content from the same directory.” I don’t want both of my domains pointing to the same content. Instead, I want my additional domain using a different directory that I can specify. (It is fine under my existing htdocs as long as the additional domain can get its own unique folder within the htdocs).

But, the issue seems to be that when I added the new domain ( the tool did not give me an option for the Add-On type. It only gave me choices of Parked or Subdomain. I’ve already tried deleting the new domain and adding it again, but it does not give me the option for “Add-On” that I need. Any ideas?

And here is a screenshot of my options after clicking “Add Domain” in the control panel. There is no option found for “Add-On” domain.

It’s normal that on the Client Area you only see the “Custom Domain” and the “Subdomain” thing in the selection in this page; if you leave the dropdown as it is (so leave the “Make Alias Of” dropdown to “None, create as new website”) and put your domain name in that field it’ll add it on your hosting account in the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, which is not the Client Area but can be accessed from your hosting account’s home page, clicking on the “Control Panel” button.

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I can confirm that the domain shows up within the Addon Domains tool that you mentioned.
However the Add-On Domain Support article state that for newly added Ad-On Domains, “a new directory will be created in your account with a new htdocs directory so you can upload a different, separate website for the domain name.” Yet, when I view my File Manager, I only see the htdocs for my primary domain – there was no new directory created inside of htdocs for the new Add-On domain.

I just tried to add a subdomain within the Client Area directly without logging into my Control Panel on a hosting account I have and after refreshing the page it shows up though, but I’m still able to reproduce the same issue as yours as I don’t get any other folder created. But when you create two new folders it works fine in the end; so the problem is in the folder creation system that still needs to be fixed.

So, the solution for this is: go into your File Manager, then create a new folder called like your domain, then go inside that folder and then create another new folder called htdocs. Like so your domain will show an empty Directory Listing, which is nice, and then you can upload your website files on the folders you’ve created before through your FTP client or install a software with Softaculous regularly like if you added the domain on your hosting account’s Control Panel, which is not your Client Area as I told before.


Thanks. I can create those folders manually. For the new directory (with new htdocs in it) to be recognized as the root for the new Add-On domain, what naming convention must I follow? i.e. computer-class OR ?

Or it there a setting somewhere to pair the new directory to the new Ad-On domain?

The latter (so After that, go to the folder you’ve created by clicking on the name of the folder, then create another new folder called htdocs. Like so you created the folders that the server will use for that domain to work.


It does give the option. You just need to let go of the preposterous cPanel addon/parked domain naming which makes no sense to anyone who doesn’t already know what those options mean. cPanel themselves actually let go of this too because they also realized it’s confusing naming.

If so, you’ll see there is neither a “parked domain” nor an “addon domain” option. If you want to add a domain, you add it through the add domain form. The domain type selection indicates the type of the domain you have, not what you want to do with it.

The defining setting is the “make alias of” dropdown. If you select an existing domain there, the domain is added as a parked domain. If you select “None”, which is the default, it’s created as a standalone domain

So if you don’t want a parked domain, just don’t select a domain to park it on.


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