No https i.e. no SSL?

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cant connect url to convertful

How do I activate SSL in my site? My site url is

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Where is the guide? I can’t find it. Plz provide link to guide for installing SSL in my site in Also how to post screenshots of the error I’m getting in the site while trying to install convertful plugin

The guide is right there, please look at what ChrisPAR posted.

The reason why you cannot upload pictures is due to the forum’s anti-spam system — wander in the forum for a little bit longer so the limit shifts, or just use text to tell us what happened.


Plz provide the link to guide as I cant see it.
Also , I dont understand what you mean by 'limit shifts if I wonder a little bit longer"?

Oh I see … you mean the Cloudflare guide? BTW, what is Cloudflare ?

Just read the guide please.

The SSL guide is literarily right here:

You used a free subdomain, cloudflare means nothing to you. Just follow this SSL guide to get a certificate and install it.


I mean wander. You just keep reading and liking posts until you get the “Basic” role. Then you’ll be able to upload inages.


That is what 'm asking for so long … plz at least post a screenshot of where the SSL guide is??


ChrisPAR and I posted the link already, you just click on the blue title and you will be dropped to the guide.

Click on this text please


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