No email received from SMF

I do not receive email from SMF, I haven’t touched anything from SMF.

The website I’m currently talking about is


Are you aware of the state of email on our service?


I made a couple of forums, and I receive confirmation emails from them.

Only a few specific email templates are whitelisted, and this is mainly confirmation emails from popular CMS. So confirmation emails from SMF would be sent, but any other emails would not. This is what the “most email” from the article talks about.

And, like the article suggests, if you want to be able to send arbitrary emails, you can use an external SMTP service.

In any case, it seems our hosting is working as intended.

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No, but in the site (, none of emails are sent. Even confirmation emails arent sent

It might be that there is a slight difference in the emails from that subdomain, which is why they may not pass the filters anymore. Or it might be that your email provider blocks the emails sent from our servers.

In any case, I would still recommend to use an external email provider if you care about being able to send email from your website.

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