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when I create a database it seems that it was created, in fact it says USING 1 OF 400 DATABASES, but the database does not get listed below.
If I logoff and logon again it says USING 0 OF 400 DATABASES AVAILIABLE.
Do you have any idea what is going on ?



Only admin has access to your account. You have to wait then

Saying this will not help. Provide account name will be more specific

nop same here

Are you experiencing this issue? If so, saying “me too” does not help. Instead, please give your username (epiz_xxxxxx). This seams like an internal error at the time, so we will just have to be patient for a fix.

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I don’t understand your answer.
Are you saying that in due time the issuewill be solved ?
What do you mean by only Admin has access ?


Yes. This is probably some sort of internal error, so there is nothing you can do.

As in, “We cannot magically fix your account because we cannot access it.” We are only users like you who are volunteering on this form to help others.

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hello everyone, have the same problem, my account name: epiz_29068782

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The issue may be solved by now. Can anyone confirm? Please give your epiz_xxxxx username if it is still not working for you.

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The issue does seem resolved indeed. I don’t know what went on, it occurred and was fixed before I could look into it.

Hi Greenreader9. The issue is solved for me, thank you very much.

I have another question, Just yesterday I started a new subdomain wich is

But I can’t access yet. I understand it takes some time to have up, is this correct ?


Can you let me know how you created this subdomain? Note that it can take up to 72 hours to begin working.

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I just followed instructions in my cpanel.
I guess I will wait the 72 hours and if nothing happens I’ll let you know.

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