No Comment = No Akismet?

Do I need Akismet plugin if I turn off Comment Section?

Nope, even if you have enabled commenting, you wont need Akismet because it is overloading our servers.

I also use Akismet even nobody are commenting in my site, and my account isn’t suspended yet :confused:

Okay, but would it not overload your servers if there are lots of spammers posting in the comment section?

I think without Akismet, the spammers will overload our resources, once they find out about our sites. And that will get us a suspended account.

So, prevention is better than cure.

I’d rather get suspended because I mess something up myself. Just not by spammers.

I just shared out my personal experience.
The best would be to stop comments and using Contact Us email method (SMTP).

I got suspended 2 times because of Akismet.
Else your wish do whatever you want.

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