No Cloudflare Email

**My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is: No Cloudflare email to my email account but it is registered. I changed my email in Vistapanel using the preferences and it is different to my email in InfinityFree.

**I’m using this software: Cloudflare

**Additional information: I changed my email from keegra64@gmail(dot)com (my InfinityFree email) to [email protected] (my new email) from Vistapanel so that Cloudflare would work, I have not gotten a link from Cloudflare to set my password and was wondering if I could request a new link sent to the new email.

Maybe you can try to do a password reset through Cloudlfare’s panel instead? I don’t know if the control panel integration or Cloudflare API for hosting providers has a resend email function.

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