No Backup download possible on WordPress


I have been trying for quite some time to create and download a backup using WordPress. No matter which plugin I use for backup creation, the download consistently stops at 9.5MB. Has anyone encountered this issue before and could potentially provide some solutions? I’ve already searched through WordPress forums and was told that the error might be on the hosting side. Can anyone offer assistance? Thank you very much!

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I’d be more surprised if there are people who were able to backup their site this way. We have a 10 MB file size limit, and various other restrictions on free hosting that make using backup plugins a really bad idea.

If you want to backup your website, please you can do so by downloading your files through FTP and exporting your database through phpMyAdmin. This is the recommended approach, both by us and by WordPress themselves:


Thank you so much for your quick response! I’ll take a look into your linked page.
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