Newbie question

hi guys, how often does google update search results ?
I can find my website when searching for it, but not my (articles
/posts) ?
Thanks in advance
*I have created my website 4 days ago
*I have google XML as a plugin

Google will definitely show the results for your website name but for your posts, you will need to rank higher in Google Rankings.

First of all, post good contents in your website. Then register your website in Google Search Console and use Google Analytics for your website’s hits tracking.

Posting good contents in your website will increase the hits and more are the hits, more higher you will rank in Google.

[This takes time unless you post insanely good content on your website and your website gets huge amount of hits in a few weeks]
[The content accessibility, amount of content, website feel and many other content also affect your rankings]


Request indexing again in search console, that shd refresh the google cache

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Also, you need to invite more website visitors to generate enough hits to compete on high-ranked websites. You can start asking your friends to visit your posts just once even they aren’t interested to. Also, I will suggest targeting local website visitors (maybe in your city), since google results maybe based on top local topic searches.



you mean I wont see my posts even if I searched google for ( ?

If you have the link, you can see any posts but if you want to see your posts in Google feed, you will need to register your website in Google Search Console and when you put good posts, Google will detect them (after registering, google keeps track of your website) and then slowly starts putting them in Google search feed.

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