Newbie Here! I just want to ask something

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: well i just wanna ask something about limits

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

I just wanna ask
my website has a auto-refresh table
it calls query every 7 seconds, is that okay?
the query only contains UPDATE query to the database

thank you/.

7 seconds?! It is so much power to handle for the server. It continues php file that will use a little cpu power to work. When you call it every 7 seconds. It’ll launch it so quick times that will reach your cpu limit. Which can Suspend your account

You can change it to every minutes instead of 7 seconds.


The exact timing is up to you to decide. But please do realize that every time your script polls the data, it will generate a new hit, create a new entry process, and consume CPU power and memory. If you keep this page open for a long time, or many people use it, you can easily blast through your resource allocation.

Whether 7 seconds is good or not depends on your website and your traffic.


Good morning, i just want to retrieve my files, but my account was already suspended. How can I retrieve it? It’s my deadline this morning to submit the files. Please help.

You’ll have to wait for the 24 hours to pass, or upgrade to premium hosting.


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