Newbie Cpanel/Vpanel Issues

My website URL is: running WordPress (5.3), installed via Softaculous

I have tried to find the cPanel/Vpanel because I want to install a plugin (Insta Builder 2) but cant find it.
I keep seeing forum posts about a “Vpanel”, and clueless to even find that part. Even then the instructions posted here on other posts having the same issue are vague for a newbie or just not the same thing as what I see in my client area. I even with watching outdated Youtube videos in Hindi (which I dont speak) to figure this out.

In my client area, I select the green Control Panel button, then it goes into ‘Monsta’ (which from what I can tell was not downloaded by Softaculous, but still shows up) and shows some files where (.cpanel) is listed – I click on that to 2 folders: caches and datastore

This is all my Account Details says with no other options or buttons:

Username epiz_24810502
Label secondheavengifts .com (no space)
Main Domain ykfdcxlt.epizy .com (no space)
Password ************ (hidden)
Created on 11/17/2019

There is a FTP section… .and that is it. No other options or buttons.

hi for your wp plugins.u need to go to install not in your ftp

It’s to be loaded by cpanel/vpanel - ftp is not my issue

correct me if i am wrong…

based on my understanding Insta Builder 2 is wp plugins

vpanel aka vista panel is used for free hosting while cpanel is for paid hosting

besides insta builder 2 contain wp plugins

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There are 3 ways to install WordPress plugin.

  1. From your WordPress admin panel (yourdomain.tld/wp-admin/)
  2. Upload plugin files via FTP
  3. Upload plugin files via File Manager provided by hosting panel (in this hosting, it’s called Monsta)

From your explanation, you want to do the last way, correct?
Then after you enter Monsta file manager, click htdocs folder. Those are all of your site files/WordPress.
If you want to upload your plugin files, choose wp-content folder. Then choose plugins folder.


Thank you!

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