New website intermittent issues

epiz_30648262 - website =

I’ve added the nameservers to point to the InfinityFree ones and uploaded a test index.html

The problem is that I can see this test site and then a few minutes later, it’s gone again.
Clearing the cache makes no difference and I’ve used both my pc and my phone - the same thing happens. Sometimes it will find the test page (index.html) and sometimes it won’t.
The error message I get is ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

Any clues as to what the problem may be?
Please let me know if more info is needed to help -
All help is appreciated


Hello, and welcome to the forum! It is working for me, but note that if this is a new website, the information below applies!


You just need to wait for a few hours :slightly_smiling_face:. Maybe the server routed your account to another server (idk).

Thanks Greenreader9 - I thought it might be DNS related, but I’ve never had a site be accessible, then not accessible, then accessible again so many times.
At time of writing it’s no longer accessible to me even if i try a CTRL F5
Are you saying that after 72 hours it will definitely be ok?

thanks again for your prompt response

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Yes it should be available within 72 hours.

Clear your cache!

do you mean in the pc’s and phone’s browser?
Does CTRL F5 do that?

or on the server?


On PC, right click>inspect>network tab>check “disable cache”>refresh.

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that’s worked - thanks ever so much FlutterHoney!


Make sure to mark @FlutterHoney’s reply as the answer :wink:


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