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How to create website step-by-step?

Hello @kavingovind

It all depends on what your goals are.

However, the best method I would recommend to any beginner that does not involve all the “technical” and “Cody” stuff is - WordPress CMS.

Simply enough go to the Softaculous Script Installer in your cPanel and then choose WordPress, click it and you will find some settings to customize, then just play around with it, that is the most popular CMS on The World Wide Web and also the most customizable and fun-to-mess-around with.

As your primary intention probably is to “put something out there”, probably the type of website you want to be VISUALLY seen, an editor like WordPress is your first and best choice, later over time you will start to notice how various functions of webpages works, such as pages, URLs, specific settings and HTML codes.

Now just do what I said :slight_smile: , if something does not work out at the first, try it in a different way and ask me, here at the forums for specific advice, in case you feel helpless.

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Thank you! @bbot22

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