New subdomain wp_admin will not work

**My website URL is:**

**What I’m seeing is:**login box

login box refuses all known passwords and user names. It even rejects the e mail address i used to open the account ([email protected] saying
" No account exists with that e mail address." ??
I have tried my regular password, the FTP SQL password, but all are denied.
Please assist

I’m using this software:

Additional information: using Chrome browser on Linux

I have tried using the Lost Password .. but it also says "No account exists with that email address. However it most defintely is listed in my profile page.. if i want to change my email.. its listed

It looks something has changed. You can try this:

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Yes that worked… but i am sure I tried the usual admin as username a couple of time, and it didnt work… It does now( Hmmm ) so thanks

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