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Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .3Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .5
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I have now set up (my limit of) three accounts over the past couple of days and the first of these (which is now working properly) has the main URL: “”. I wanted to create a subdomain to this with the address: “” but when I enter that as the subdomain name I get the above error (saying it contains illegal characters)!

The “Help” says that a subdomain of “exampleDOTcom” would be, for example, “testDOTexampleDOTcom” but am unable to use a DOT (“.”) separator in my name(s) without getting the above error! I was able to use: “jf-wb-cameronDOTfreeDOTnf” and that allowed me to set up a subdomain with that name and the folder: “jf-wb-cameronDOTfreeDOTnf” has now appeared in my file list with its own htdocs sub-folder.

Is there any way around this problem?

Can anyone help, please?
Please answer in simplest terms as I am a complete newbie and need to have everything explained in detail for me to benefit from any responses, thank you.

NB: When I tried to post this message I got the error: “new users can only put 2 links in a post.” so (assuming this referred to all the URLs I have mentioned) I tried replacing the dots in them with “DOT”. If this post has now ‘gone through’ successfully then that must have ‘worked’. :slightly_smiling_face:
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I faced the same problem when creating my main address ( as I would have much preferred for it to have been:
“” but, again, the “system” wouldn’t allow that.

Is there any way around that problem?

Or, if there is a way to use a DOT separator in my URL, can I change my address to or delete that account and create a new one using the address: instead of

Hi, welcome to the forum. The domain “” is already a subdomain. The top level domain is “”. When you created your account you chose “cameron” as the subdomain. If you go to Control Panel and scroll down to “Subdomains” you should be able to add a sub-sub-domain (e.g. “wb”) to your existing subdomain (cameron). But, do it via control panel not via the InfinityFree accounts page.

Thank you for that @solace-ken.
I think I am beginning to understand although I suspect that where you say I “chose “cameron” as the subdomain” what I actually chose (being ignorant of what I was doing) was to choose: “wb-cameron” (because I wanted “” as my URL). I think I understand my mistake now.

Can you (or anyone else) offer me a response on this (I was writing this when your reply arrived):-

Also (I’m very new to all this and struggling to do things correctly and also struggling to find relevant help to the problems I encounter, like SPECIFIC, step by step, instructions on how to do certain things) I am sure that, at some point, I encountered a message saying that subdomains didn’t need their own SSL certificate as they shared that of their root address. I think this was on my first attempt to create a subdomain of (which I named: and, trying to get an SSL cert for it, I got that message that it wasn’t needed for a subdomain.
However, having later seen the “Help” that said a subdomain should be of the form “” (if it was a subdomain of “”) I deleted that ( subdomain and instead tried to create (but ended up settling for as outlined in my initial post in this thread.

So what is the ‘story’ on SSL certs for subdomains? Are they needed or not?
And why have I been allowed to request one (and, I believe, get it this time) for my (subdomain of

This FAQ might help?

Thank you @solace-ken.

I have an account with the subdomain name but when I try to create the sub-subdomain (in line with the reply you have just posted) I get the error: “Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .3Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .5”!

What am I doing wrong?

Is it not possible for me to have the sub-subdomain as a subdomain of

An excellent question. I don’t know the answer though. It doesn’t seem to like 3 letter names. If you do a 5 letter subdomain does it work?

Nope! Same error message appears.

But I think I’ve cracked it. Yay! :tada:

I just type new into the first box under " Create a Subdomain"
and then, scrolling down in the second box, right at the bottom, I find “” and choosing that does the trick!
I never noticed the DOT (“.”) between those two boxes before and that all now falls into place with your previous advice. TYVM @solace-ken

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