New Site Migration: File Upload failed error to htdocs via Monster FTP

uploading failed:/43

Hi Good day

I need help please

I have been trying to migrate the hosting of a wordpress site to infinity but i keep getting an error notification whenever the upload gets to 51.3 mb it shows "uploading failed:/43

please is there any reason for this?

what other options do i have to upload files into the htdocs folder

Although i have been able to create a new my SQL database on infinity and successfully uploaded my old data base into it, with the tables all uploaded properly

i’ll really appreciate any help i could get


Max file size is 10 mb

Use ftp like filezilla. Remember to extract files locally then upload via ftp


With filezilla can i upload above 10mb?

or that’s a standard size and anything above wouldn’t work

and i have tried to use filezilla but it wont connect to the server

it keeps saying conncection to server lost



Please show ftp logs


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