New Site 404

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: A 404 error.

I’m using this software: Basic HTML/JS page uploaded via FTP.

I can get to the base page but get 404 errors when loading a new page and content in a sub directory.

For me it shows an ads page, not the actual page, so I need to wait 72 hours or use OpenDNS or Quad9.

Not sure if mine is the same issue. The page that does work stated “Let’s make something awesome” and mentions my account is set up and time to build my website.

That sounds like the default page for new hosting accounts. To get rid of it, make your own index page, delete the default one, and upload yours.

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I can do that but I need to upload a bunch of sub directories/pages that I was hoping to provide direct links to. Fro example

Correction: The url I am using is

unix based systems are case sensitive
Mendon vs mendon is not a same file/dir

big M

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Well look at that. It works. You my friend are brilliant.

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How to Name Files

Do Not Use Special Characters

For best results, you should only use the letters a-z, A-Z, the numbers 0-9, hyphens (-), underscores (_) and periods (.). Any other character could get you in trouble, causing the file not to load or the page to load incorrectly.
it is best to use lowercase letters, also Do Not Use Any Spaces

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