New phpbb install no ajax

Just installed phpbb via your one click installer (yes i know there bad things to use)

In the acp you cant purge the cache or install any addons (extensions) the ajax times out and shows no error message.

Hello there,

I’m not sure about the “purging cache” feature why it doesn’t work but could you try a few more times.

As for the plugins, you might wanna do some workaround, download the plugin you want manually from phpBB’s plugin repository to your local device and then manually upload them to your site via FTP (phpBB’s extension folder should be located in the “ext” folder), once finished, go to the ACP - Manage Extensions and enable the plugin.

Done it via ftp i’m not new to phpbb i also run my own server also write the extensions lol.

Its an ajax error as phpbb 3.3 uses ajax is the acp.

Solved used a proxy now ajax is working so i guess the domain name was not ready for the uk used a NL proxy it worked then changed back to own ip then worked again.

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