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I messed up my old WordPress website so decided to completely wipe it and create a new hosting account to start fresh. The only issue is ever since creating it, even without making a single change anything, the website and admin/dashboard in WordPress takes about 1 minute or longer to load a page or do a single action. Any idea what is wrong or if I can do anything to fix it?

Long loading time is normal for WordPress, but your site also seems to be displaying a white page after load. Your themes and plugins are most likely what is making it that slow.

As for an explanation, I like this anology from @wackyblackie to explain it:

Imagine you have an old computer, you want to use it but it is off.
Now you have to wait for it to boot, which can take a while.
But once it’s booted, you can use it, and when it becomes idle, it responds quickly.
Eventually, it shouts off because you haven’t used it in a while, so the next time you want to use it, you must boot it up again.


This is not the cause. As I said, it was like this since creating the instance with default settings. Plus I now have no plugins and a single lightweight theme (which I used earlier without issues in the old hosting account) with no content to make sure it is not a fault of mine, plugins, themes, WordPress, or anything else easily solvable. I literally have the same WordPress setup as my old hosting account, minus a fully configured site and all the plugins, themes, files to go along with it, yet it takes excessively long to load.

I checked your site, and at first, it was extremely slow and almost unable to open.

But once I checked a few pages over a few minutes, the speed improved dramatically and the site became quite fast.

My guess is that this is just caused by WP-Cron, which performs background operations and maintenance when the site is first loaded in a while. Unfortunately, this also makes WordPress quite slow at first.


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