New domain

i just now added the a new domain from freenom to
now when i open my new link it displays

my old link is working fine
please help me
what do i have to do

You need to move the contents of the other htdocs folder inside the htdocs folder of your domain to the htdocs folder of your domain, then configure the database details on your wp-config.php file to match the database host and name from the “MySQL Databases” section of the Control Panel along with the hosting account’s username and password that can be found by logging into your Client Area, clicking on your hosting account, scrolling down to Account Details and clicking on Show/Hide to show the password, and change the website URL on the database’s wp_options table to point to the new domain.


its saying cannot be copied

What is “it” that’s saying copying is not possible? Which software or service says that?

when i used online file manager it showed error and stop so iam copying from filezilla
in those to many files are failed to copy

Okay, if that won’t work, then download the inside contents of that htdocs folder, then upload to the htdocs folder in your root directory.

that is what im doing its been 4 hours
the upload is not yet complete and 600+ files failed to upload

Well, it has to be retried several times due to the nature of FTP. (not stable)

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The FTP servers have been acting up this week, which doesn’t help with transfers from both FileZilla and the file manager.

All I can recommend right now is to have patience during the transfers and retry them if they fail.


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