New domain/subdomain

Hello to all. I can not delete subdirectories in the main directory. Such as “xxx” and others.

and i can’t choose new domain for installing

can we’ve your site link?

For me it seems like it’s pointing to via a CNAME record. Try removing and re-adding your domain. This should push the new settings via the network, and the BODIS parking page will not work anymore for your domain. After that, wait 72 hours for your website to be accessible to anyone.

In cPanel of infinityfree hosting, I don’t have any domain/subdomain.
And i don’t have any CNAME recored’s.

Then add it, by using these nameservers (remove the existing ones and change them through your domain registrar):
Then wait 24 hours, and add the domain on the Addon Domains section.
For the question “how can I delete the folders of all the subdomains I created?” the answer is: No, you can’t delete them because the folders are created with permissions that the root user can access, not you.

I’ll tell you everything from the beginning.
I posted my domain on this hoting and wanted to get FreeSSL. But for checking fries through DNS, it was necessary to change the A-record. Hosting does not have this function. and I found a service that offered to do this, but on the domain registrator it was necessary to specify the ns server of the service, and on the service your names( + modified A-record. This bundle did not give the opportunity to check the case. I refused the service and changed the server of the ns domain to the initial server, and from that moment it began.Every time i’ll wait about 24h. Not on a new account I can not link a domain, or delete folders on the old one!

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