New domain name change issue

In cPanel in Addon domains before 3 days ago i added my new domain name . My old domain is . I can not still open the website with my new domain. I only see a page that shows directory listing …
The Document Root of my old domain is /home/vol1_6/ , but the Document Root of my new domain is: /home/vol1_6/
What should i do in order to be able to open the website with my new domain?

It’s not a issue it’s a normal behavior
there are several ways to do this but it depends on whether you want to keep or not has wordpress installed on it
one of the options would be parked but it can be a problem with wordpress

if you want to have only
also recommended for SEO (so that there are no multi domains as a result in google search)

then you should export DB, and everything else from
and then install WP and put that backup into macedonianroyaltravelservices .com
(edit configs…DB names, etc).

I did not intentionally mention the 301 redirect
because I think you want to have .com and that is why you’ve decided to move from the old domain to the new one

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