New domain doesn't work, moved from Google Cloud

Hey, I’m also new here so I got something wrong…

I had a website in wordpress hosted on Google Cloud and I connected it to a domain I bought.
Now, I migrated my website on a new hosing account via a Wordpress migration plugin…so it’s the same sitein principle but on a totallynew hosting…so nothing fancy so far…

The problem came when I changed the nameservers in my domain provider to theones from infinityfree and then waited 72hrs, but I get a page like so: (URL:

So right now, I have the working, but I want it to take the domain of
www ibreibre com

Any solutions?
One possible idea I have is that there are some manual DNS settings I did in the domain provider when I directed it to the Google Cloud hosting, which I was told I don’t need to worry about by the chat support from the domain provider…
Looking forward toyour answers,
PS: I can’t add more than two links, hence the missing dots in some of the URLs


From what it looks like, there are no files on Try using an FTP Client to download the files from your old website, and then upload them to your new one. You will probably have to change a few things, like the site URL in the config, but that (hopefully) won’t be too big an issue.


I’m already tired and it’s possible I didn’t understand you well
but as far as I understand the problem…
these are the steps you should take ( @TigerMANEK426 has already mentioned some actions)

You just need to migrate the WP located at

and install a new WP in a folder named
(or without www - depending on how you added the domain)

because you just added it as an addon domain and now you need to put all the necessary files, DB, etc. inside (so you see empty - dir listing)

and then migrate the old existing WP there

Opt. 2. there is another possibility and that is to add the domain as parked for
but this can complicate the situation with WP (some additional actions need to be done in WP)


Thanks for your replies…I followd the instructions with the FTP client and managed to replicate the htdocs folder, after which I configured the url of the website to (
Had a crash, but after debugging it I had to remove a plugin and it seems to be working okay now

A questionI have now is…can I delete the same folder i replicated in the folder? So I dont have two websites effectively burdening the hosting?

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I think it would be better if you decided on variant 1, instead of variant 2 (parked)

because as I stated parked can complicate the work of WP

let’s say if you go with the mouse over 1
and click img 2

it will take you to old epizy address

because of some hard-coded URLs are in some places and probably somewhere in the DB

if you don’t want to waste time, you better do option 1 (addon and fresh WP and then backup over it)


Hey, thanks, but that’s what I think I did, I didnt go for parked domain…
I copy-pasted the files into the folder in my ftp. Then however I got the redirecting me to so I went in the configurations of WP and set it to only
Is that a wrong approach?
I guess now I should go around checking links…

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