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Cannot see the feature to select my PHP version. WordPress needs 8.0 or above… Please advise.

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Currently, all hosting accounts have PHP 7.4.8 installed, and that is the only version we currently provide on Free Hosting.
PHP versions 8.x are on the roadmap to be implemented in the near future.

If you need to use PHP 8 now, you should consider Premium Hosting, which has it installed.


It can work on much lower versions

Screenshot 2022-11-03 135133


Hi Thanks for your answer. When does Infinityfree plans to go to PHP 8 ? which version ? 8.0 ? 8.1 ?
Thanks for attention

I am ManuelVoileux Username epiz_32926627


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php version is 7.4.8 which will be obsolete at the end of the month of November 2022 , in a few days. (only safety updates now, and no support beyond 2022 nov 28). See the error message I get when I connect to the admin backend of my site.

Votre version de PHP, 7.4.8, ne reçoit en ce moment que des correctifs de sécurité du projet PHP. Cela signifie que votre version de PHP ne sera bientôt plus prise en charge. Nous vous recommandons de planifier la mise à niveau vers une nouvelle version de PHP avant d’atteindre la fin du support le 28-11-2022.


We’ll switch to PHP 8 wen we’re ready to switch to PHP 8. When that is exactly time wise I have no idea.



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