Need to change email address

Hello admin,

I need some assistance to change my login email address. When I first tried to register with [email protected], the verification email never arrived. The next day I registered with [email protected], the verfication succeeded and I now have an account.

I would like to login with [email protected] but that isn’t possible because CPANEL tells me that is already taken when I try to change my email address.

Can I ask you to remove [email protected] if possible?

Please let me know how I should provide you with the actual email address.

If [email protected] has not been verified yet, we can remove it for you. Can you please send an email to [email protected] from [email protected] with this request? I don’t suppose your real email address is using the domain name of some other hosting provider and domain name registrar (which is).

Thank you! I will send an email after this.