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I’ve added an MX record but when pinging, it comes back with nothing. I have an IP for an A record but it seems I cannot manage it with the DNS here at InfinityFree? How can I get my existing email to work (currently hosted an JustHost) while having my website hosted at InfinityFree? Domain is registered at GoDaddy, where I’ve updated the nameservers and now can no longer manage the DNS.



Can you screenshot…

The subdomain section in the control panel
The MX record section in the control panel


It looks like the mail subdomain does not exist, so of course it is not going to work! Also, MX records are provided by your email provider, and since InfinityFree is no longer an email provider, the record should not point back to you own domain name.


Up until I changed my NS to infinity, i was getting emails with these setting in the DNS manager of GoDaddy:

Sorry wrong screenshot:

Because GoDaddy probably allowed you to setup email on your domain. And since your hosting provider is the same provider as your email provider, that was possible. Now, you have two different companies, so it no longer is.

What you can do is this. Create a new A record with GoDaddy with “@“ and the IP address in the client area. Then, change your nameservers back to GoDaddy. Everything should still work.


I am unable to add any records in GoDaddy since the nameservers have changed to Infinity. So are you saying I should create an A record with @ and the IP address of Infinity once I change the nameservers back to GoDaddy? I appreciate your support with this issue.


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Happen to have that IP handy?

Thank you for the support!!

The IP is different for each user. You can find the IP address under “Account Info” in your InfinityFree client panel.


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