Need Support in installing advertisement api installination

i know this post wont come under hosting support.I AM USING AUDIENCE PLAYS AS MY SITE PUBLISHER THEY GAVE ME A API KEY WHICH DISPLAYS ADS BUT I DONT WHERE TO INSTALL THIS KEY IN MY WORDPRESS SITE…i posted this in hosting support because hosting support posts have quick reply.

You probably need to either, add some html code or install a plugin, and yes, as correct I don’t know but if you want proper code or advice, I recommend asking ‘Audience Plays’ website, however generally you get a code snippet or something.


if anyone know please tell me

Who is your advertiser and what is their website? I can’t seem to find it.

1 Like is my advertiser and my site is

This site: May be of some help, but they don’t say very much.

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i checked all but none is clear can you reccomend me good advertiser except adsense and propeller ads

IDK, Maybe, But you would look at 7 Ad Networks Best Suited For Small Publishers | Adpushup for more

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thank you

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