Need server expertise

i need a server with the following speicifcations.

Windows OS only…

any one please help me out which one to opt for

OPF No: HYD-4CDF-Sol-Upg-12482
OPF PO No: Email Confirmation
Physical Server:Firewall : Shared
OPF No: HYD-IS-Sol-Upg-11529

Physical Server:Data Transfer : 500
GB(1qty)Processor : 1x QC(1qty)RAM : 8
GB(1qty)HDD : 2x1 Tb SATA(1qty)OS :
Windows Server Standard 2012
R2(1qty)DB : MSSQL 2012 web Edn
R2(4qty)IP Address : IPv4(5qty)Control
Panel : Plesk 10 Domains(1qty)RAID :
OPF No: HYD-SCT-Sol-Ded-7562
OPF PO No: 0


Only the thing i can suggest you is only buy your own server. from somewhere else.



We are using linux for this hosting (InfinityFree)

This is a large requirement, I can’t give you something for a tenner, but offer very cheap dedicated servers, in which you can order more space, free backup, get addons like plesk, add more IP addresses, get a free /48 IPV6 block, and i’m not sure about raid

(I am not affiliated, I just once used them)

But I imagine you used InfinityFree and need more, it that case it wont be cheap, but somewhat near your specs are at Pricing | Scaleway, note that you cant get 4gb ram and 2x1TB, the lowest is 96gb ram, 2x 1tb, 750 mbit uplink. (You cannot get a virtual machine at your spec)

Please note: Windows OS Will and always will cost extra due to licensing costs, i recommend bring your own ISO and License

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