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Hi everyone, our club recently transitioned from using Wix for our club’s website to building a WordPress website hosted on InfinityFree. We had already built the website [], which had been working pretty well for the past few months, but we eventually wanted to change it to a new domain that was easier to search for.

So, I bought the domain from namecheap and changed the nameservers to ns1infinityfreecom and ns2infinityfreecom Since I pretty sure I can’t just go into the Cpanel and change the main domain of the original infinityfreeapp domain to the new domain, I created a new hosting account in the infinityfree dashboard. After I set that up, I went into the Cpanel, then Softaculus, and installed Wordpress. However, that’s as far as I got because when I tried to actually go to the wp-admin page on the new domain, it just continuously loads before giving me that error timed out message. I’m kind of clueless of what I did incorrectly and would appreciate anyone’s help with figuring this out. Thanks!

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Thanks. Interesting, I think I figured out the issue, but I don’t understand why. When I’m on the school wifi, the url doesn’t load, but if I’m on a VPN, the url does load. Don’t know there if there’s any reason why my school wifi would block it? (don’t even know if it’s being blocked, it just continuously loads before timing out)



Yep, just waiting for the DNS to propagate solved the issue. Thanks for the help!


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