Need help with KoPage builder. Please help

Hello there, when i use KoPage to build my website using Cpanel site builder, i get this same message everytime once i enter the details they’ve asked for…

I’ve spent hours looking for a solution but couldn’t find one. I don’t understand what i’m supposed to do. Kindly help me out.

On the line before the last one, it says “connection is broken”, which simply means that there was an error in the FTP connection while trying to upload your website.

The only thing you can do right now is to go into your file manager, find the directory of your website (probably htdocs) and delete everything in there, then retry the installation.

Thanks for replying admin. I followed your instruction and after hours of doing the same thing again and again, it finally worked. The only problem is that my website has the “free website built with KoPage” watermark at the bottom and i don’t get to use the pro features. It says that “contact your webhost to activate PRO license for you”. Is it possible for you to activate the pro version of KoPage for my website?

I think admin will insert the pro activation code for you