Need help with free SSL certificate for subdomain

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

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Error Message

The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name ( was seen) .

(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information

I upload private key then it successful but , the certificate text when I upload in certificate field that it shows above error .

(other information and details relevant to your question)

Did you use the section for Subdomains on the Free SSL tool? Did you put the subdomain and not the TLD?

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I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to upload, but I know it’s not an SSL certificate we’ve provided.

That’s because you haven’t added the verification CNAME record yet, and so your SSL certificate hasn’t been issued yet.

Please add the CNAME record as specified on the certificate page in the client area, and wait for the SSL certificate to be issued. Then, upload the Private Key to the Private Key field and the Certificate to the Certificate field.


thanks for helping admin i got the SSL

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