Need help to setup zoho mail

hello friends i have a question.
today i registerd for zoho mail, after domain verification i have setup mx record within control panel but zoho mail says that the mx records is not pointing to them. my question is do i have to add the mx records also into my domain dns or do i set everything up within control panel?
also spf and dkim can i setup this within contron panel or do i have to add in domain dns ?

Read This:
How to set MX records on your domain - Docs - InfinityFree Forum).

i have seen that and still don’t know if i have to change dns in domain or hosting.

you should do it on hosting side

and how to add txt record for spf and dkim

For SPF you can do that through the “SPF Records” section of the Control Panel.
For DKIM, other types of TXT records aren’t supported on free hosting, and so you can’t add DKIM records too. Just skip setting up the DKIM record and you’re ready to go.


i overvieuw the spf section in control panel thanks. i can receive mails now.
the last issue is i have a contact form and when i fill the form i don’t receive mail in inbox how can i solve this.

Sending email from your website is heavily restricted. Please see this article for more information:

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