Need help to setup forum

i want to setup a forum on my site i need a open source forum software with GUI can anyone suggest me some.

PhpBB and MyBB are good options but i don’t know if they’re With GUI


All forum software has a Graphical User Interface, presented as web pages. How would you view and create posts without a GUI?

Or, if you mean something different by GUI, could you please explain what you mean exactly? Are you talking about a desktop app?


Ah I see. I had forgotten its meaning in while :sweat_smile:

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while we come to discourse or flarum we get a good gui while compared to mybb has a tough editor in desgning the forum



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Discourse theming support is basically absent, unless you’re a skilled Ruby/EmberJS developer. The only customization it offers are changing a few colors.

So if easy theming is what you want, Discourse should be at the bottom of your list. I don’t have in-depth experience with Flarum, but I would expect it to be around the same.


Flarum has extensions which can help us to change the themes easily.

thank you admin

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