Need Help in Setting up the site

I have a 403 error and i dont know what to do, i am completely new to this website and i dont know how to manage all the files
this is what the tree is in filemanager

├── index.html
├── about.html
├── contact.html
├── services.html
├── gallery.html
└── css/
├── styles.css
└── js/
├── script.js
├── images/
│ ├── logo.png
│ └── background.jpg
│ └── …
└── api/
├── display_feedback.php
└── feedback.php

how do i connect the php to html and how do i connect the php to mysql
i have no clue please help me if you can

A 403 where? Please make sure to fill out the template next time you create a topic. What is your URL?


i am not even sure where to get the url from is this the link


If you want to put your files in a subfolder, then feel free to do so. But then please don’t blame the server because the server didn’t know that you want it to look into a subfolder, and just drop you to 403.


ok thanks i will check if that works

This worked thanks for the help, wouldn’t have figured it out myself