This site can’t be reached

Check if there is a typo in

If spelling is correct, [try running Windows Network Diagnostics]

Other Infrmation:
I have tried all the options of flushing cache even from command prompt but still I’m unable to access the site, please help.

Did you point your domain nameservers to those of Infinityfree? Here are the nameservers, btw:

This is what i see for your nameservers while doing a WHOIS lookup:


I’ve pointed to ns1.epizy. com, ns2.epizy. com
But still error, now I change to: ns1.byet. org, ns2.byet. org

No, don’t change it to nameservers. It will cause random errors with infinity free. Even you changed, you didn’t save it perhaps or some other error. You should try contacting your domain registrar.

Choose one set, not both.


Judging by the nameservers saying VERIFY and your domain being registered about two weeks ago, I suspect your domain registrar has suspended your domain name because you did not complete the registrant verification in time.

When you register a new domain name, your registrar is required to validate your registrant contact email. If you don’t do this within two weeks, they must suspend your domain.

So please check this with your domain provider. They should be able to check why your nameserver settings are not taking effect, or guide you through the registrant verification if required.



Thanks for the support.