Need help abouy php memory limit problem
Error Message Your PHP memory limit is set to 120 MB but should be set to 128M or more. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for this to be changed.

Maybe is it your problem?

I’m still having no idea why it is still 120MB limit.

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Yep, Admin told that he increased php memory limit to 128 mb

So as far as ı know. ı need to wait till an admin comes and says okey i will increase all of yours limit to 128. I this the only solution siriously ??

We do not increase limits by user requests. If Admin does that it’s because it’s requested by lots of people plus 128 is near to 120.

Yeah yes its just 8 but difference is epic

Because if you use avada templates. You need 128 mb for proper uploading. And i don’t want to waste my money so please just little 8 mb doesn’t change anything for you admins.

The PHP memory limit should have been extended to 128 MB, but it doesn’t appear to have taken effect everywhere yet. I’ve asked a server admin to look into this.


Thank you sir :slight_smile:

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