Need guidance on opening my website

I wanted to host my CMS project I have been working on. I first saved all the files and folders in the Htdocs/cms directory

Then, I wanted to see if my website it running, so I clicked on my domain url - However, it leads to an ad page.


This was the ad page it goes to.

Because you didn’t setted up your scripts

How do I set up my scripts? Please help - I am new to infinityfree.

So, what kind of website you want to create

The website is going to use a mySQL database.

@usmannn the problem is not the scripts setup, but DNS propagation.

@avangoor20, please note that it may take up to 72 hours for your website to start working on your side. That is because of DNS propagation, and some workarounds you can do to access your website quickly are on this article:


Also, whenever I open up the domain, I would have to put cms to the end of it, right? Because it’s not directly stored in htdocs

Like this -

If you uploaded the CMS files to the CMS folder, yes, you would need to add /cms at the end of the URL; if you uploaded the CMS files to the document root (in this case the htdocs folder) then there’s no need to add /cms at the end of the URL to see the content.


Please don’t ask answers for your topic in an irrelevant topic

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