Need fast DNS Configuration

I have query regarding DNS Configuration.

Is there any way to have DNS configure before 72 Hours?

Hello there,

What do you mean exactly? Could you explain more about what you were trying to express?

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He only means that “is there any possible ways to shorten the time of DNS configuration process?”

Your website seems to be working.

For me, for your question, it depends. It depends of how your registrar change it(either fast or slow). 72 hours(3 days) is the maximum hours (day) for a dns provider and the registrar to register the changes. However, many domain registrar are very fast in changing these recent changes to their system. It usually depends. As of Freenom, it also depends. Sometimes, it may take longer because of too many server loads or requests can slowly minimize the speed of changing of these changes.

TIP: Just be patient and wait because you can’t do ways to shorten it. (Its possible if you contact the domain registrar or InfinityFree and asked them to prioritize your recent changes.)

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Did you check the link in the client area which says “learn more”? Because it provides a list of ways you can see your website faster.


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