Need admin to run cmd.php in ssh because this would fix a security issue with my website

Hello my Website has an cmd.php and it need to be executed with ssh this is just a security fix php file and you can look in the code too pls its important i need to fix my website


Free hosting does not support SSH access, so even if we wanted to run this script for you it is impossible. Please upgrade to premium hosting for SSH access.k


but i need this script because i got xenforo i cant make post without running this command first to fix this

If you can afford Xenforo then you can afford premium hosting.
Take note using nulled software will earn you a permanent ban


i dont use nulled software i buyed with my own money i earned why you accusing me of this

If you can spend $160+ on community forum software, you can spend an extra $10 a month on hosting.

Premium software does not always work well on free hosting. When buying software, you need to make sure it will work with your current hosting service, or plan to find a new one.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide SSH access, and there is no way to run that script here.


I am not accusing you. This is a friendly reminder.
We have quite a few instances of nulled software deployed on free hosting.
Good to know you are using original software.
Free hosting has its limits.

Like @Greenreader9 said


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