Naming a file & SSL question

hi l made a new folder and uploded it but when l name it as an index.html and l go to my website it gives a 404 error and l tried index.htm but still did not work however it worked in the past

Site url?

and on this one it works

Simply clear your browser cache :slight_smile:

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if l rename the file it will take we to directory listing and from directory listing it works

sorry what

you are right thanks

l really mean it
:grinning: :grinning: :smiley: :smiley:

l have one more question
l whant my logo to be on my site tab bar what size does it have to be l tried 16 by 16

it can be any size because it’ll be resized.

Also if your logo name has blank space it in it, you should replace it with %20:

<link href="../my%20logo.jpg" rel="icon">


it did not work


hi my website is l whant to make a ssl l configured my ssl and got a Private Key and a CSR on the private key l pushed the upload key and it reloaded the site and when l searched caspian tex rose the Company Name it did not work this is this is the url:[htt…](

option=sslconfigure& can you pls help

You cannot get Ssl for subdomains.


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hi l got my ssl key but when l uplod it it does not work

l got a
Private Key and a

A few questions:

  • Why doesn’t it work? What do you see?
  • Where did you get the SSL key?
  • Did you try following our instructions on how to install an SSL certificate?


l did
l got my ssl frome your control panel

l tried it and it did not work