Hello I.F,

I want to know how to use nameservers since I don’t understand the concept of it.

Let me just give an example of what I’m trying to do to make it look easier.

I have bought a domain called .net and I want to set it up to that when I enter this domain, I go to the link
I have already set up the domains and I suggest wanted to make sure what I have done is correct or not.

In the configuration of my domain,(settings of .net) I have added two nameservers in custom DNS which is and
After I’ve done this I go to infinityfree cpanel and click on add-on domains, there I’ve added .net but an error appears saying that I have not set up the nameservers.

Am I doing this right?
Should I change the nameservers to or something?
Or should I have more than 2 nameservers?

If what I’ve done is right, I’m sure it may take upto 3 days (at max.) to make that domain to work properly, if not can anyone please help me with what I’ve done wrong?


I can help you, but not without knowing your domain.

Yeah Sure,
InfinityFree domain:
Domain registered:

Update: The domain has been added and a new folder has been created.
Thank You for your assistance!

Most likely, it was just DNS propagation. Like you said, it can take up to three days for the changes to be visible.