Doesn’t make sense!

Bruh moment

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What is your question exactly? Can you describe the issue and include relevant information instead of just sending screenshots and assuming we understand what the issue is?

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Hey @admin, I had a doubt, are the nameservers facing issues?

While issuing certificate it knows that it has pointed to your NameServers!
But while i am trying to make a account with same custom domain it doesn’t work
Can you create it for me

Each custom domain can only be attached to one hosting account.
Assigning same domain to multiple accounts is not allowed


Wdym i am using infinityfree for 1st time

I said certificate knows it’s pointing but while creating the custom domain account it says it has not pointing

Then the account would be in my account, not yours!!

Maybe the domain is already used by someone, who knows :thinking:

I said to admin

Hello @NeeL_YT!

Can you please provide the domain name? Note that if it is from freenom, they are having some issues at the moment.


Yeah from freenom

Ok, that’s the issue then. Frenom is experiencing some issues on their end that is causing this problem. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


So that’s why
Ok then

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Btw can you update the thread after freenom fixes it

Since freenom does not communicate with us, I will have no way of knowing when it is fixed. Your best bet is to keep chcking once per day, and reporting back if you want to.


Can you check my domain if it is pointing to your nameservers?

It is pointing to our nameservers, although freenom is not sending that information properly. You can check it yourself by trying to add the domain to your account.