Nameservers work?

Hello, I have problems with the infinityfree nameservers, it turns out that I link them to my domain and they still do not finish propagating
today it’s been 4 days already!

Hello there,

Could you please provide us what your domain is? We will check if it’s already propagated or not as what you claimed.

Also can you provide a screenshot of how you configured your domain’s nameservers from your registrar?



my domain is:
I bought it in the namecheap service

Is this really your domain?

I used 3 Whois Tool and seems like the domain is not yet registered to anyone. I think you just missed-typo the domain name or the domain name is incorrect.

Sorry! this:

Oh, I see it now.

You didn’t add the domain into your account or as an Addon Domain.

Please add it to your hosting account so that it will work and you can access your site. You have already pointed it to infinityfree nameservers, so what you need to do now is to follow the KB below to learn on how to add your own domain, wait for an hour or a day for the domain will start to work and then clear your browser caches.


A few days ago he wouldn’t let me do it, now I do
I should wait then, many gracas

Yes, just simply follow the above guidelines and knowledge base articles. And also please mark this topic as solved by smashing that green mark solution.

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