Nameservers won´t connect to .de domain

Hi guys,

i have a problem with my .de domain and the nameservers from infinity-free.

The nameservers won´t connect to my .de domain which i have bought on namecheap.

When i want to change the domain´s namservers to “Custom DNS” and change the nameservers to “” and “” this error message appears:
3031166 53300102912 Nameserver error [ERROR: 133 Answer must be authoritative (nameserver, ip, pro

So the question is:
Is it a problem with the nameservers from infinity free or is it the .de domain the problem, because they .de has other maybe stricter requirements than for example .com?

Is it possible to add .com to my domain and connects then to the epizy servers or does it only work with free subdomains?

Hi and welcome to the forum


So if I mess it up right .com will work and .de wont work?


.com domains (And .org, .net, .xyz) work here perfectly fine

.de domains don’t due to registry restrictions.


Or does it means when I´m buying the .de domain from nameSilo it will work because they dont check the nameservers so strict like namecheap?

Ohh thanks the massage was not displayed.

But in the end when I´m buying a .com domain on namecheap again it will work?

Yes, if you buy a .com from namecheap or namesilo it will work


Thanks for your help.
My problem is hopefully solved :slight_smile:

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