Nameservers not working

so basically i use a very old unknown domain provider, and when i came to use the nameservers it had 2 list of things i have to enter… it goes like this :
name1 : … then ip1 : …
name2 : … then ip2 : …
and so on…
the thing is, i dont know what to enter in which space and the tutorial doesnt say anything about this…
so could you please help?

The nameservers you can enter are either:


As for the IP addresses, they should be able to auto fill on their own. If not, you can use any DNS lookup tool to get the IP address matching these nameserver hostnames, like this one: DNS Lookup Tool - DNS Tools - MxToolbox

It still doesnt work but it says this
---- Servers and domain names check

Warning: ignoring IP for (nameserver)
Getting IP for FAILED
Getting IP for (nameserver):
1 errors(s)

---- Checking SOA records for (website ip)

SOA from (nameserver) at Error: Answer not authoritative (92.508 ms)

---- Checking NS records for (website ip)

NS from (nameserver) at Error: Answer not authoritative (157.434 ms)

3 errors(s)
1 warning(s)

With “it” I assume you mean the panel of your domain provider? If so, then this article probably explains what’s going on:

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