Nameservers not working for dot IT domains

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I bring to your attention the fact that it’s impossible actually to configure any dot .it (.it) domain on your system. The nameservers are not correctly recognized by the Registry cause they are misconfigured reason for which the change goes in timeout in the domain registrar control panel.

You can check it yourself here:

Try to put my domain along with your nameservers; as you can see the test fails and the registry does not allow you to change them since it’s not successfull.

Can you kindly check it out or eventually disable the mandatory part of nameservers change in order to use our own? Thanks

The .it domain registry (along with some other ccTLD registries) imposes setting up nameservers that don’t have any DNS records, while to add your domain you need to set up nameservers before any DNS records can be created. So some types of ccTLD (even .it) can’t be used here, unless a new DNS verification method is applied on the Control Panel system too.


Exactly. Indeed I was wondering if thereìs any plan for IT or it can be bypassed somehow.
Indeed if there wasn’t the nameservers restiction to setup the nameservers first it would be easily bypassable by using cloudflare’s ones.

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