Nameservers failing

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Error Message

“Authoritative Nameserver failure for domain”

Other Information

The company that i registered the domain with says “The hosting provider need to add the domain to their name servers for the name servers update to go through.”

Please can someone assist me urgently?


Thank you for your reply, but I have pointed the nameservers to InfinityFree, but they are saying that InfintyFree needs to add the domain to the nameservers?

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A screenshot of your problem would help

So attached is the screenshot for the domain registrar plus the email screenshot.

![domain response|592x500]

Change your ns to something else wait for sometime and change them back to default

Ok i will try that, i have set them to default and then i will wait a few hours and try the infinityfree nameservers again. i will update here if anything happens

I’m sorry, but no amount of waiting is going to fix this. You’re experiencing the issue described in the article @anon77371365 shared.

I’m not aware of the strict nameserver validation being an issue with the extension itself, so it may just be something that your domain registrar is doing. If so, you can try to transfer the domain to a different registrar which doesn’t do this check.

Checking a few domain names which were added successfully shows that is a popular provider which does let you add the domain.


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What are the DNS for InfinityFree?

ns1 & ns2

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The nameservers for InfinityFree are and, as you can see everywhere.

The DNS records for InfinityFree depend on the account the domain name is assigned to. And that account information is generated when an account is created.

And if you mean something else by “the DNS”, can you please clarify what that is?


I am really not winning with the domain company

“Unfortunately the nameservers fail” is exactly the behavior that’s described in the article we wrote and @anon77371365 linked to. It’s a known limitation which we can’t fix right now.

So again, my only recommendation is to use a different domain registrar. We will not skip our domain verification checks, and if your domain registrar won’t either, then you’re in a catch-22. Which is a loop that you can only break out of with a domain registrar that doesn’t enforce nameserver checks.


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