I have problems with creating a hosting account.
if I take custom domains and then I confirm, the tool tells me that I have not set the name servers to ns1 epizy com and ns2 epizy com. I put the name servers at ns1 and You are welcome to view it in a whois tool. my domain is: (yes I use a free domain because … it is free) the nameservers have been like this for 3 days

did I do something wrong? Thanks in advance

Try to putting the nameserver again


The domain is clearly not pointing to any nameservers. Please check with your domain registrar for help.

Freenom has a lot of broken domains like this. I don’t know why this happens. But it’s out of our hands.



at this morning say i have pointed the domain to this nameservers.
i have a other domain with infinityfree hosting at freenom. AND IT WORKS!

best regards, your sour lemon XD

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Well, same problem with us in some countries FREENOM not works anymore after 2019

Freenom, is well, weird. Sometimes it propagates DNS in less than a day, sometimes more, or never. Think they should at least do something about the free domains and wipe the DNS records for those that have expired, clean.

My domain works just fine tbh

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People, this topic is about @ZitrusZitrone having to setup their domain. If you want to have a general discussion about Freenom, please do it in a separate Informal topic.


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