Nameservers check


I am also in the process of trying other providers like theefreecpanel and msa hosting, but I think the nameservers will take a while to take effect, can you let me know if it has changed? I guess I still have the infinity nameservers now do I? It is still acting that I am connected to this database…

Yes; it’s pointed to TheFreecPanel (checked using DigWebInterface, with as resolver, method NS and trace option enabled). Remember that even MSA Hosting is an affiliate of, and so it uses the same white-label nameservers. To add the domain to somewhere else you need to remove the domains from the Addon Domains section, then deactivate the account from the Client Area of InfinityFree and add the domain to the new cPanel of your new hosting (that will be the same but logo changed).

So, must I deactivate the account here first? I thought that I can try other companies while keeping this account open?

You must disable the domain from your account here on InfinityFree before you point it on a Byethost affiliate.

oops… I already pointed to another affiliate… can I still disable my domain now and how to do this?

You need to remove the domain from the other affiliate and add it here on InfinityFree.

I am so confused because I thought you said that I have to deactivate my account here first?

You can even keep it enabled if you have created the account with a subdomain.

I have opened an account with thefreecpanel already but my website is still pointing to this database

You need to download the database, import the new data in the new database and change the configuration file to point to the new database host, database name, username and password.

I have done that already…maybe I still have to wait for it to propagate… it has been 3 days…

If you don’t have time to wait for DNS propagation you can even configure on your device.

I think I will wait a bit longer but just to clarify that I can still keep this account active? but must I remove the addon domain here first before adding it?

Yes, you can keep the account active, but you need to remove the domain from here and add it to the other one or vice versa.

what if I don’t remove the domain from here then it wont’ work?

If you don’t remove the domain from here it will not work at all.

So in future, I must always remove the domain first before adding it somewhere else?

Yes, you must remove the domain from here (and change the nameservers) if you want to point the domain to somewhere else.

Is this the same method on any other webhosts? Must I deactivate my account anywhere first before adding?

Yes, the same method is valid even for affiliates.