Nameservers changed

I have changed my nameservers to Ezoic, waiting for their review, but they just replied to me that my site is down for now.

I contacted them, they said your hosting is causing this issue.

any help please am losing traffic cuz of this.

This is not supported on free hosting


I checked your site and it’s working fine from here, even using Ezoic’s nameservers. So I don’t know why they say it’s not working, because I see nothing that proves this.

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it’s not working on my browser ( when I try to access the wp dashboard it shows me a Google page " turn on cookies"

this is the Ezoic message.

Ezoic Review

Review Paused

Review for is currently paused.

Reason: Site Error

Please ensure that your site is up for all visitors so that your review can be completed. Then, click the resume review button below.

Your site sometimes works for me, but only if I manage to hit the “continue with recommended cookies” fast enough. In any case, as stated before:

Multiple people have attempted to get their site to work with Ezoic here, and they failed (look up the word on the forum search and browse the topics if you’re interested, one example can be seen below):

I’d suggest looking for an alternative, because I doubt Ezoic is willing to change their configuration to support InfinityFree’s hosting platform (especially since they directed you here in the first place).

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so either i keep using infintyfree or change My host so Ezoic team can review my site.

I think that Ezoic’s proxy just breaks with our security system. So to be clear, I don’t think temporarily hosting your site elsewhere for the review will work, because after the review you will have the same cookie issues.

Or just use any other ad provider. I’ve tested various ad providers myself, and Ezoic is unique in how intrusive their ad delivery is. Most ad providers just have you put some HTML snippets in your page, which will work fine with our hosting. So choosing any other ad partner should give you a much better experience.


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