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Hello everybody,

today I opened a ticket at my domain hoster becaust I couldn’t change the namservers of my domain. The errors which are displayed were everytime the same. The nameservers I entered were incorrectly configured. The support told me that I had to contact the webhoster. Maybe you can help me.

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Sure, we can probably what you can do to fix this.

For starters, you say you could not change the nameservers of your domain with the domain provider. Why is that? Do they simply not provide the functionality?

If so, that would explain why they say to contact us instead: they probably want you to transfer your domain name to us, because they do not provide the ability to use a domain elsewhere.

However, InfinityFree does not provide domain registration services. But if you’re looking for another domain registrar, I can highly recommend NameSilo:

My domain provider provides this function but everytime I try to change the nameservers into and, the script shows me an error (The transferred nameservers are not configured correctly. Please check your nameserver configuration).
The same error shows up if I try the nameservers ns1,epizy,com and ns2,epizy,com.

They wanted me to contact you because they can’t do anything. Is it possible to verify my domain with only 1 cname recored linked on

linked on

Again, if your domain provider doesn’t let you change the nameservers to the values you want, then you may want to transfer that domain to a provider who does. I cannot add features to your domain provider, that’s up to them to fix.

They wanted me to contact you because they can’t do anything.

I have honestly no idea what they mean by this. Your domain provider is refusing to let you use your domain the way you want to. I don’t know how they expect us to fix this.

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